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(((gsf))) I am wonderful. Loving my new job. This week and next, the hours are hard as I go into work at 3:30PM (it is an half our drive, my shift starts at 4:30) and I get out at 1AM. Tonight I am up so late (it is now 4:30) baking cookies for my daughter for a school bake sale. The only up coming holiday is Friday and Sunday. This Friday the 9th, is Good Friday. If you don't know what that is about it is the day we Christian's remember Jesus died on the cross.And the Sunday after is Easter the day it is said he rose from the dead.With the new movie about Jesus out here in the States now, that has made those of us who have seen it a little more aware of the Holiness of the season. This could be part of it. Hey it may seem off topic but any one who knows the Christian Bible knows about the story of Christ and the loaves and fishes. I hope this finds you well gsf.
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