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I'm not sure why people smoke to lose weight, but it can't be any worse for you than those Ephedra pills and fad diets, and so many other crazy things we've used to lose weight. It's just so much easier to look for a quick fix (I know what Muskrat means about wishing liposuction was covered by healthcare - I tried to con my doctor into recommending it a year or 2 ago).

I consider myself pretty comfortable with my body, but I have the opposite problem of a lot of women - I got too comfortable and let myself get out of shape, and now that I am losing weight and toning up I'm getting obsessed with calories and working out.

I think the media has some to do with body image, and also the fashion designers - it's frustrating to look in magazines and stores and see all of these great cvlothes, then find out they only come in size 10 or 12 and smaller. For me, it also has to do with family. My family are all overweight, and very critical of eachother's looks (weight, hair, just about anything) - my mom & sister have also kidded my about having small boobs since I was a teen. The scary thing is that I came home after being in the hospital for chemo for several months, and losing over 60 pounds, but was wearing "curves" in my bra to make a strapless dress I was wearing fit, and everyone just kept talking about how "healthy" I looked.

I'm not sure how women can overcome these issues and love themselves, but I wish I did. The bad thing is that a lot of women wouldn't have weight issues (anorexia & bulimia or overeating/obesity) if they did fell good about their bodies and themselves as a whole.
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