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Thanks, amc929. Goldens are great dogs, as are setters. I am into extremely low maintenence dogs. We have found that if you get a female, waiting until after their first heat to get them spayed really helps. Males, on the other hand, we neuter as soon as possible. The testosterone seems to affect the aggressiveness patterns in the brain, so we try to minimize it.

We always neuter/spay cats as young as we possibly can.

I had a friend with an English setter that was spayed very young. She never matured either physically or mentally. Puppy-brain dogs are not my cup of tea. I've also known several other dog owners who have had the same experience.

We saw a black lab at a local American Indian Festival today. She was a real sweetheart. I'm not sure about a lab now; I like very large dogs. I plan on checking other breeds out, but I will probably end up get a mixed breed from the pound. Or maybe I will get another bloodhound. If I do, I am going to find the runt from a working dog. They are bred for brains, not droopy skin. Bloodhounds can have serious eye problems because of the weight of their skin around and below their eyes.

Whatever I eventually decide to do, it might be a while. But, you never know!
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