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When i met frank about 6 years or so ago, he had a golden who was already elderly. a few years after we started living together, he had to put him down. it took almost two years b4 he was ready for another pet. (myself, i'm the kind that has to get another one right away.) but, i had brought a cat with me, and he helped frank a bit with the loss. i've always been a believer, that somehow your pets choose you, weather you think your ready for them or not. when frank decided it was time for another dog, we had one in a week, and i believe he was waitng for us. that's how my kitty came to me. and if we had the room, we'd have a couple of each!
bty..we got another golden, and he is just the best dog despite all the hair..good thing i can take him outside now and brush
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