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The storage in the wall thing actually doesn't require a kit if you have handy-woman skills (or a good book). All you need to do is find where the studs are in the wall, remove the dry wall, put in shelves, finish the edges of the dry wall. My neighbor did the same thing, only she made the door slide up (or was it down) within the wall. And her handy-woman skills are minimal. My sister in law did the same thing in their tiny house only she made 2 clothes closets in the walls going up the spiral staircase.

Discount stores sell the very sturdy chrome hotel shelves. We used them in the master bath with baskets to create extra space. We are going to redo the bathroom , but will need the vanity because that is where we keep all the kitty potty stuff. (And the huge supply of toilet paper I always need *grin*)

My parents have one of those behind the door, hinged towel racks and love it. They don't work in our house since we have folding doors. My bathroom is 3 little rooms: two with a john and a sink and 1 with just the bathtub.
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