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We just watched "Mystic River" (came out on video on tuesday) last night. What a movie!! Wow! I was a tiny bit confused at the very beginning as I had watched the previews some time ago, and didn't remember seeing anything about little boys at play. Anyone else see it?

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban -- Ok the kids and I left at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday morning to drive 30 minutes to the movie theatre and stand in line for the 9:45 show!! UGH!!! But since my kids are HUGE Harry Potter fans, I do induldge them once a year.. I loved this movie as much as they did! Buckbeak was a loveable creature, and the twists and turns of this movie kept me interested even though the only Harry Potter I get is once a year when I take the kids to see it. We give it a THUMBS UP!
The Day after Tomorrow - Ok so the graphics were "unrealistic" sometimes and the idea that the entire northern part of the world could freeze in an instant are a very scary thought, this movie was intense!! The ship floating down a main through fair in NYC was a favorite in my clan as well as the tornados in LA. The wolves were kinda FREAKY! My daughter said she could hear me "OH MY GOSH!" "RUN!!!" "GOOD LORD!" "DON'T DO THAT!!!" I thought it was an awesome movie...did anyone else see it?
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