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I have a Canon Powershot A80 and love it. If all you are doing is web work and sending Jpegs to the family, you don't need to get more than a 2mps. If you are planning to make acutal prints and want to have photos that can be "blown up" to an 8x10 and still have some resolution integrity, you might want to go to a 4 mp. They are a bit spendier, tho. It's the same old adage: you get what you pay for. There is a consumer mag out there that does do comparisons of, like, 40 cameras, but when is enough enough? I wanted the ability to control most aspects of my pictures in the camera (the same as I do with my 35mm). I like the SLR lcd screen tho it's a bit small. I also bought the underwater case for it so that I can take pix in the rain.

I've been pretty pleased. I've also used an Olympus 3mp. I liked it... very point and shoot and gave nice sharp images for the most part. A little problem when the background was too bright and never really found a way to avoid that, but otherwise, I liked it. It's great for web use and produces a fairly nice 5x7 print. I like being able to control my aperture which isn't all that great with the Olympus, but it just depends on what you want to do. See if some of your friends who have digitals will let you use it and print it out and handle the software.. that is what should drive your decision. If you're just running round town, you don't need a Cadillac.
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