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Mention the word POWER TOOLS and my face lights up
i lurve my power tools LOL
recently finished laying new overlay jarrah floorboards i am now in the middle of sanding back all my existing floorboards, turns out they are PINE, which is unusual for this area and era the house was built, jarrah is most common.
i bought a wonderful belt sander which does the job nicely, back breaking tho LOL. why didn't i hire and upright one you ask? well when i planned it all and purchased it i was actually very ill and thought i couldn't commit myself to doing more than "just a bit" at a time, meaning i would spend a fortune on hiring one, however now i am much healthier but still want to do it the hard way, since i already bought the belt sander.
wish me luck girls LOL
when it is all sanded i will stain it with a limewash as the pine looks rather boring.
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