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I have tons of power tools. Greg and I don't play nice when it comes to tools, so we have duplicates of everything except the big ones. We successfully share the table saw, the compound mitre saw, and the grinder, gee, I guess that is it! We both have our own hand power tools and regular tools. He doesn't take care of his stuff so I don't want him to mess with my stuff. I keep mine organized and can always find what I want, he leaves his where ever he used them last. I just bought my own after a while.

Greg has automotive type tools, but I've had enough grease under my fingernails for one person. I was my Dad's helper when I was a kid. We completely rebuilt the engine of a 1952 MG TD. Dad was always disappointed that his two sons never had any interest.

I also helped my Mom with all the reupholstery work at night. That's actually fun.
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