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If it is in squares, machine quilt each square separately, then machine quilt them together in strips. After you do a strip, do the hand sewing on the back to close that seam. Once you have the strips done, just start machine stitching them in order, finishing the back seam with a blind stitch by hand each time. That way when you add a strip, you will only have to roll the new strip to make it go under the machine. No bulk in that method, you just need a long enough table for the bulky part to rest on. Just remember to do the quilting on the squares from the middle out and make sure your backing is firmly basted so that it doesn't slip.

That's the only way I know how to do it, if I'm doing something large. Large for me would be a crib blanket. I am planning on doing some smaller squares for throw pillow tops once I get the bulk of the living room set up.

Have you ever done Seminole quilt tops? They are fun.
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