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Quiet it seems much to quiet here. The children are grown and on their own. came back for awhile only until things got settled for them. New home being built in a state that seems far away. How exciting a time for them. New home, new job, new schools, a new beginning.
Extremely happy and proud of their new beginnings. What a wonderful time for them. Adventures to be had around every corner. They were taught to be independant, adventurous, and to be full of wonder as to what can happen next.
Hopefully they are keeping a journal.
Their travels have taken them though several states and across oceans. The grandchildren will have lots of stories to share with their new classmates. Especially now it seems that they are setting in one area. Who knows.
Another place to visit for us. Their adventure has been an adventure for us.
Did I mention it was quiet here for now. With children / grandchildren adventure is around the corner. Quiet is only for a time.
Smiles are contagious. It's ok to pass them on. *
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