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With hair of strawberry blonde, and beautiful blue eyes. No! not five feet tall. She's an "Itty Bitty Pretty One" at fifteen months old she has her ever curious mind ready to search and destroy what's in her path. As quick as she is to give a hug that "Look" will let you know Beccaboo is giving you a way to go.
Legs that forget to walk because they are to busy running to take something away from her brother and sisters. Oh my as young as she is they step back. rofl. Determined to get whatever it is she wants.Siblings love her and she loves them back with a big little heart.
Just don't tell her she is to little to do something. Rebecca's will do her best to prove you wrong.
Stories yes she does her darndest to tell you stories. You would have to laugh just to see the expression on that sweet little cupie doll face. What a wonderful character my Beccaboo is. How lucky am I to be the Nana in my grandkids lives.
Smiles are contagious. It's ok to pass them on. *
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