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((((((((((( Addie, PBS, Minty ))))))))))))) (((((((everyone ))))))))))))

There is a pumpkin full of holes.. Dare you to put your hand in one to see what you find!!!!

Could it be "worms" ( spaghetti) or "slime" (jello) or "eyeballs" ( gum balls ) ...

OMG Did I ever tell the story about the time I was in first grade. Imagine this if you can. You are 6yrs old sitting up the front of the classroom. Spot something rolling on the floor out of the corner of your eye. Eeeek it's an "eyeball". This really happened and we all believed the little girl's eye fell out. Of course years later we realized the child had to have had a glass eye. Nuns didn't explain that to us. When I went home from school that day told my mom about it. she smacked me for telling stories that weren't true. But it was true. What did we know about glass eyes way back when.
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