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LOL Irish...

Well, I can tell you plenty about buckles and valves... I have both in my eyes. They call them "appliances." Great... That makes me sound like a department at Sears. I've found that if you laugh about it, people are generally more at ease and believe they can ask you questions.

Sure, some questions might not always be the most appropriate, but I'm pretty open about talking about it all. Talking about it helps dispel myth and fear and prejudics, so I'm all for that.

Maybe I could have given the sisters a few pointers, huh? Tee hee.

Oh, and before anyone cringes or gets any wild ideas, I should mention that "buckles" are not the same as those icky things the Pilgrims have on their shoes. A scleral buckle is a piece of plastic or silicone that encircles part of the eyeball. In some cases, it's a ring that encircles all of it. It's to keep the retina in place following a detachment. You can read more <a href="" target="_blank" style="color:red; text-decoration: underline">here</a>.
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