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((((((((((((( DLC, COD, PBS, Brede, and all)))))))))

Funny I went to mapquest yesterday for my son... they are so far behind they listed streets that no longer exist, He was going to one of the hospitals in Boston.. My CRS didn't interfere and I remembered an easier way for him to get there.. He called and thanked me. Saved him about an hour traveling the way of "map quest".

For me I love to travel by air. If we take the car I want the scenic route. With all the places we have been one of my very favorite was literally driving though the mountains in PA going from Erie to Gettysburg. What a wonderful sight, feeling to be way up and looking down into a small valley. The houses looked like doll houses.
Something that was really really nice and shows the kindness of people my son's glasses broke on route there. When we pulled into Gettysburg there was a small optomotrist office. We stopped to get his glasses repaiired thinking OMG we will have to order new ones. The optomotist took his glasses in the back room, he was there about 45min. When he came back out my son's glasses were in working condition. When we asked the price. He said no charge. No charge and he didnt' even know us. Incredible when you don't expect that treatment in this day and age. Of course that was about 9 years ago.. but still.
A random act of kindness saved our trip. Yes, we did send a thank you note to this most generous man. Then we went on to Hershey Park, after touring Gettysburg. Would you believe my kids enjoyed Gettysburg more.. perhaps because of this random act of kindness they got a new perspective on life.
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