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Ghost Train
The train it came into town. Without a driver to be found. The lights were on a strange glowing mixed with an eerie sound. Eyes in the window without a form. The green seemed to oooze from within it.
Creeping along ever so slow. Tracks were all a glow. What could this sight be from? Had it come from beyond?
One by one as the trained slowed down, doors creaked open. Forms abound witches, goblins, draculas you could see.
Mysterious sound came from within! Why, it was the mash, The Monster Mash they were dancing out the doors onto the floors.
Driver you see was just short little me.
Party time set in time for Halloween.

Party continues in a few come to Shampoo, Corner that is in WS tonight.. They'll be dancing and prancing.. even monsters you'll so come join Harmony and NanaWOWs
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