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Ghost Train
A mother took her son on his first train ride early in October. The son was so excited about going on the train that he would tell all who would listen " Mommy is taking me to ride a train today! Mom was so happy to be sharing this experince with her son since she had longed to have such an experience with her father but never had.
Mother and son arrived at the train station early. They looked at the pictures on the wall of the trains from years gone by. Of course the son wanted to know all about every train they saw in the pitcures. The mother told her son all she knew , what she didn't know she would make up.
The train finally arrived. The son was so excited he began jumping up and down as soon as he heard the train " Mommy it's here! Mommy it's here! Can we get a seat by the window? Can we Mommy?" Of course Mommy agreed because she wanted this trip to always be special to her son.
Mother thought it was strange that the engine number was 13 but didn't thought to herself "Oh stop worrying and being superstious. This is a day of memmories to be made!"
About 1/2 an hour into the trip mother heard her son talking and asked "Jhonny, did you bring one of your imanginary friends along?" The son said " No mommy, I am talking to a nice man who said he used to ride this very train when he was young." The mother figurd her son's imagination was at work again and thought no more of it.
Pretty soon the lights started going out in the train which was rather odd. Mother saw a figure of a woman in the car she was sure she hadn't seen while they were waiting for the train. Since this was a womanly figure she thought she would go up and ask the passenger if she had ever noticed the lights go out before.
As mother and son drew closer to the mother noticed the lady was wearing clothes that were in style over 100 years ago. That was strange but mother thought to herself "Oh get a grip perhaps she is dressed that way for a performance in a theater." AS they got closer and closer they could tell the lady was weeping. The mother reached out at touched the lady as to comfort her. When the mother touched the lady she seemed to have vanished.
The lights came back on just as they were coming to their destination. Mother thought she would ask the conductor about what had happened with the lights and the weeping lady. The conductor told a story about how a woman was riding this train 100 years ago and had lost her son. The conductor said the child's name was Bruce. The son said " I met Bruce! He was talking to me and telling me about getting lost from his Mommy when he was a little boy."
For years after Mother and son talked about their "Ghost" train ride.
The End
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