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(((((((((((QuietWOW)))))))))))))))))) special hugs for a special lady.
((((((((((( Minty))))))))))) great story.
(((((((((((( crazymomma, Shimmering))))))))))) .... hey crazymomma check out the chat schedule. Come on in to WS. Would love to see you there.

Training Train drivers to drive the Train..
Do they do that with passengers aboard?Are we aware? Are we safe? Oh no is anyone safe????
Think we have a "Train" out of control. The CONDUCTOR made a mess out of things. Yet he is back in charge of the "Train". With him at the helm NO ONE is SAFE.
Quick move the "Shrub" Oh no!!!!!! To late this time around. WE will need a humongous vacuum to suck this all up. What will happen. We need HELP!!
Will we survive the years ahead?????? Oh what a mess!! Look now even the broom sweeps backwards and the text of "Train"ing is Changing..
Women step forward or are we ready to have the "TRAIN CONDUCTDOR" stop at "Straford"!!! Must we dress perfectly, have no opinion, and serve without sound!!!!
Smiles are contagious. It's ok to pass them on. *
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