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Start with small steps to get in the mood.
Play Christmas songs.
Does your shopping area decorate their windows? If so take a walk/ ride and look at them.
Put on a kids Christmas video.
Light some Christmas scented candles.
Have the kids make gifts.. Something my mom had for years was a "jewelry box" my oldest daughter made her when she was a child. ( A cigar box, different shape pasta,(bows etc) gold or silver spray paint, a piece of felt(for the inside ) and a small mirror.. angled to look like diamond shape.

I'm so sorry that you are out of work. Myself I think there is something better waiting for you. Wish you lots of success in finding it. In the meantime take time to enjoy each day. Do something nice for yourself. Know that we are all pullling for you.
((((((((((PoohsBigSister)))))))))))))) extra hugs just because.
Smiles are contagious. It's ok to pass them on. *
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