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{{{{ PBS }}}}

First of all, honor yourself and your feelings. Sometimes we just don't <i>feel</i> like feeling happy. And that's perfectly okay. It's okay to be sad or glum when things aren't going so well.

The suggestions above are great ones.

Sometimes doing things with people you love or doing acts of charity for others less fortunate helps put a different spin on things.

Here are some other suggestions:

Go through the closets and take inventory of any old clothes you and your family may not want anymore. Bring them to a fire hall, your Red Cross, a battered women's shelter.

Volunteer with a soup kitchen.

Bring non-perishable food items to your local food bank.

Take a walk through a street that has houses all decked out in holiday fashion. Enjoy the lawn displays and holiday lights.

Go skating.

Have a cookie decorating party with some neighborhood children. The older kids can use the cutters and help bake, and the younger ones can "glue" the decorations on the finished cookies.

Buy a tabletop tree and invite each family member/each of your children's friends to make an ornament to put on it.

Make a family tree with favorite family photos. Tell stories about each person represented.

Visit a nursing home or extended care facility. Bring stuffed toys or puppets and put on a show for some of the residents. Talk to them. Offer to play a board games or cards.

Make a "hope box" for yourself: put inside it anything that makes you feel happy and hopeful. Look through the box and think about the items inside any time you are feeling sad.

Make a snowman/snow angels.

Give and receive lots of hugs.

{{{{{ Poohs }}}} I hope these suggestions help. I suggested some of these because helping others sometimes makes us feel better and helps put things back in perspective.

Good luck, hon.
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