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((((((( Cod, WA, all )))))))
I know the "Power" of positive thinking. It can cure so many things. Getting there is sometimes difficult.
Laughter is great, a smile uses more muscles than a frown. So smiling and laughing is great.
When I get hit with depression walking works for me.Even more than reading at times. If it not pouring out I absolutely love walking in the rain. Helps to clear the brain.
Acting like a kid at times is fun too. Not to long ago when my honey and I were walking it was raining.. the puddles were there. Hey the puddles were calling my name I jumped in 2 of them. It was fun and sometimes ( not all the time ) you have to be silly. It helps bring your life into focus more. Knowing that no matter what is going on you are ok and things will fall into place in spite of life.

Make a "positive journal" even if it's one thing a day,week,to start with. Then go from there. Something positve about yourself. Try and do that try and get your kids to do that. Pick a day that you could all share a positve feeling about each other. It's hard to start. It does work. It works at making you feel better about you, about others. You get to accept yourself that is something a lot of people can't do.

I wish you all positive thoughts.
Smiles are contagious. It's ok to pass them on. *
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