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((((((((( Wolf_Angel))))))))) For some reason the holidays are a mixed blessing. We are lucky to be celebrating them, yet we miss some things that have changed in our lives.
So hang in there.

As I watched the dedication of the new library dedicated to Bill Clinton I was mesmerized. When he got up to speak the rain was tumbling down in buckets.
He made note of it by remembering his mother's words.. someone has need of this rain (a farmer, gardener) think of it as "liquid sunshine"! He gave a great talk and spoke eloquently. A true diplomat. For some reason the "liquid rain" touched me.

Maybe we could all take a note of that and think of things that get crazy in our lives as sunshine looking for more light. We do have sunshowers some days. Other days have the sun trying it's best to peek though the clouds.

Whatever the day brings aren't we lucky to see it. So if you're feeling sad remember to look up and see that sunshine peeking though at you.

Wishing you all moments of sunshine even if it's the liquid type. Go for a walk in the liquid sunshine it's a mind clearing experience.
Smiles are contagious. It's ok to pass them on. *
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