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well we have four cats... we started with one, that we rescued from some people that thought their cats living off the land was cool... no shots r nuttin!! we actually lost the first two from that litter we tried to get, but the last one survived and we got her healthy. She was suppossed to get "fixed" but That was when I first hurt my back and things were ruff.. so we put it off ( bad idea). My son thought that Raven needed a companion so we got a 7 week old female calico. She had a diamond on her head so we named her Diamante`. Dia` for short. Well ok so things were still hard financially, but they were both female and we planned to take care of it ASAP. (oops) Then we moved into a small apt set. One day we heard a sad sad crying. We opened the day and in walked the dirtiest male with a face that would turn scrooges heart to butter!! He was sooo cute. We let him eat and set hime back out to go home. He cried and cried. We let him in and tried to find his people. Some neighbors said he had been a stray around there for at least a few years. It looked like we had been adopted. Well it just meant we had to try a little harder and aget it done a lil faster, lol. so we took in the youngest one first... oops, we were too late, and i cant end that. So came Willow, our baby. We are getting the boy, who we named Flecken ( German for patch) fixed in a few weeks... hard to get appts funny enuf!! And its still better than my friends that have ( yes no typo, no joke) 18 cats sheeesh!!
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