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Reading about the 'zombie genre' and horror movies reminds me of one I saw years ago. It was so horribly made that I dont' even remember the name of it, but I do know it only lasted maybe a week in the theaters.

The plot was as follows: A guy owns a hunting cabin in the woods, so he and 2 of his friends decide to spend the weekend there, hunting. When they get to the cabin, they realize something's not quite right. Suddenly (and here's where the cheesey music starts), they see...A RED LIGHT! The "special effects" amounted to cheesey music and a flashlight beam--with a red lense over the end of the flashlight. The guys "realize" that this is a malevolent space alien. Instead of saying, "Hey, this is just a red flashlight beam; who's holding it?", they run around scared all weekend, especially when the beam shows up.

Like I said, I don't remember the name of the movie (it came out in 1974), and lasted in the theaters maybe a week or two. I tried checking on IMDB to find the name of the movie, but I couldn't find it. I'll have to try digging deeper. But it had to have been the worst, cheesiest movie I've ever seen.

The bad thing is, if I ever find out the name of this stupidly bad movie, I'll probably end up renting it so I can let my younger two see it, to prove I didn't dream this movie up!
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