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Good for you Wolf_Angel, reading a book and thinking of things to make your life better is always positive. Yes, it is sometimes hard to do, but it works out better for all when we can show positive feelings. Most times positive feelings on things gets to be contagious. Don't you think so. As far as being able to laugh at yourself in life it makes you see things in a different perspective. While no one can do that all the time it's important to be able to. Of course these are all the way I feel. Not necessarily the way anyone else feels.
That's the wonderful thing about handling things life tosses our way. We are all unique and whatever way things are handled that make the situation better is the right way for them.
For instance I have a friend who hit a certain landmark on her birthday last year. We were not allowed to mention her birthday in any fashion. No cards, cake, birthday dinner nada!!! This year she wants to go out for dinner, have a cake, we can call her etc. It was her way of getting over that hurdle.
Choices that are exclusively our own to make. Isn't that a fantastic part of being in this life.
So for all you do to handle what life gives you. Make it a palatable salad mix it up and dress it to your liking. Have fun.
Smiles are contagious. It's ok to pass them on. *
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