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Well, I just woke up from a dream where I was in a test where I had to climb out of a room and the only thing we had to climb on was each other. My dad was there telling me that I had to help some people climb out and then had to climb up others. They were putting pieces of cardboard on their shoulders to protect them. I told him I couldn't climb up other people and he said then you'll be in this room for a long time alone. I told him since we had to climb on each other then someone was going to be left in the room. My sister Polly was there and she'd been in a wheel chair and was on crutches now and I knew she'd never be able to climb out. So, I told her to go on out the door.

From the room I ended up on a fishing boat. We were looking for some kind of bad guys. We came across a boat that was seemingly abandoned. There were lines, two of them, leading into the water and I picked them up. The lines led under out boat and as I continued to rais them they were going to get tangled in the prop. I was afraid that if someone didn't turn off the engine we would damage the prop. I could see the front end of a boat coming to surface...and someone said there was a huge shark.
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