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Weathering the Weather!!

Weathering the weather whether you are in the rain or the snow. Maybe icey cold. Perhaps sun shine is where you are. If that is so share with the rest of us.
With all the crazy weather patterns going on around here, around the world.
Then you have the ones who are saying we are being punished for the state of disaray they preceive the world to be in. How foolish that sounds incredulous that they would determine that.
Faults move, the earth moves we are constantly revolving it's a fact. So wouldn't it factor in that from time to time changes would take place.
To those who blame it on morality or the lack of in their eyes get a grip. Look back though the ages.
Things shift around. Dang even our bodies shift as the years come to us.
Logic is there really is no logic in the weathering of the weather. Your meteorologist claims it's a guessing game of science with their .. today will be rain, or snow depends on how far up the coast it will travel, and if it meets up with another pattern .. so we have,, will be, however could change, possibility of.. direction of the wind ... cold front meeting a warm front.. Personally I hope it goes out to see the sea!!
Weather is weather, whether we like it or not it's still weather happening.

Hope you have a good laugh at weathering the weather.
Smiles are contagious. It's ok to pass them on. *
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