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Talking Some Easter Crafts and others

Easter Egg Bunnies
Materials Needed: 1 plastic egg
Straw hat
Wiggle eyes
2 white pom poms 1/2 inch 1 small pink or black pom pom
Wool or shenille stem
Craft foam in white and pink
Small rose and piece of ribbon
Gluing can be done with a low temp glue gun but please make sure to supervise your children!

Cut White foamie into a 2" heart for feet
Cut ears out of white 2" high by 1/2" wide
Cut small piece of pink for inside of ears or use a felt pen
Cut Wool or shenille into 3" pieces for wiskers

Put some glue onto to of plastic egg,and put on hat, stick ears at each side of hat. Place ribbon and rose on hat.

About 1/3 down egg place eyes. Just below about 3/4 " put shenille or wool to form wiskers. Put nose just above and white cheek pom poms on top.

Finish by putting heart shape foamie on the bottom of the egg so it can stand up.

You can fill the eggs with chocolates the kids love it.

Beaded Lampshade
1. Measure the ribbon around the base of the lampshade and cut to length, allowing 5 cm at each end.

2. Thread the safety pins along the length of the ribbon approximately 1cm apart.

3. Thread 3 beads onto each safety pin.

4. Place the ribbon around the base of the lampshade and pin in place. Use all-purpose glue and glue the ribbon to the shade. The ribbon should overhang the bottom of the shade so that the safety pins can hang properly. Leave to dry.

5. To ensure the ribbon fits to the slope of the lampshade. Make 6 equally spaced triangular folds around the ribbon. Pin and glue in place.

6. To cover these folds, thread 4 beads onto a short length of thin silver wire. Fold over the ends of the wire to secure the beads and glue in place over the folds.

Making a Dream Pillow found in a MSN Group called TheHeatherMyst...the author is Terri Paajanen

If you enjoy working with your dreams,
or just want to encourage more interest
ing dreams, you could try making a
dream pillow. All you need is some
fabric, needle and thread, and some
herbs. Choose a fabric with a fine weave,
or the herbs will leak out. Cut 2
squares of fabric (4-5" across). Place
them together with the good sides of
the design on the inside. Sew around t
he edges, closing up 3 sides. Turn your
pillow inside-out so the good sides are on the outside. Stuff with herbs, and sew the final side. Don't fill too full. It should lie fairly flat under your pillow.

Herbs for peaceful sleep:
Valerian (Use sparingly. Smelly)

Herbs for psychic dreams:

How to use
Just place your herbal dream pillow under your regular pillow at night. I place mine inside the pillow case to keep it in place. And remember not to let your dream pillow go through the wash with the rest of the bed linens.
May your path follow the Medicine Wheel
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