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hi no i dont ride at the moment as i havent got my bike anymore,its a long story!!im hoping to get one soon,well glad the weather has picked up for u,i live at the bottom of england and the summer has started,it gets really hot,so im glad im near the sea as its cooler,florida,never been but i wouldnt say no to going,bet its lovely,the only time i get to see it is on telly,have u lived there all your life
Originally posted by brede
Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Neither my brain nor my email was working properly. I am in northwest Florida and our weather finally turned warm. Since I started riding my own, I have had to wear leathers almost everytime I rode. This weekend I didn't need them and wore my kevlar shirt to protect me from the sun. I eventually took it off and rode in a t shirt. It is so nice not to be cold while riding. It is nice today and I may go for a ride just for the heck of it. I have a Honda Aero 750. The bike I crashed on was a Honda VTX 1300. I went to the Aero because it was narrower than the 1300 which made it easier for me to balance. It also has a low seat height and low center of gravity which makes it super easy to control at slow speeds.

Do you still ride?
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