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Talking Children's Crafts

Soap Crayons


Mild powdered laundry soap

Food coloring

Ice cube trays or other small



Add about 1 cup of the powdered
laundry soap to bowl. Slowly add
water by the teaspoon until it
becomes a thick liquid mixture.
Stir well and begin adding food
coloring until it is the color you
like. Pour into ice cube trays or
other small mold. Set in a sunny,
dry spot for a few days to allow
crayons to harden. When hard,
remove from mold and use!

NOTE: Test on your bathtub sides
and walls before allowing your
child to use them

Homemade paper Beads

What you need: wrapping paper or
colourful magazine pages
glue stick
a knitting needle or straw

What you do: 1. Cut triangles from
your paper approximately 2 inches
or less across the bottom and about
10 inches tall. Each triangle will
make one bead. Cut as many as you

2. Place the triangle wrong side
up on the table. Lay the knitting
needle or straw along the wide
end of the triangle. (See picture
at left)

3. Tightly roll the strip around
the knitting needle or straw twice.

4. Put glue on the remainder of
your triangular strip and continue
to roll the paper evenly.

5. To finish the bead, glue down
the narrow end and hold in place
until the glue sets. Slip bead
off of the needle or straw and
continue working steps 2-4 until
you have as many beads as you want.

6. String beads on heavy thread,
a shoe lace or wool. Tie ends
May your path follow the Medicine Wheel
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