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Joey McIntyre is the young kid. I agree -- his jive was all over the place.

John O'Hurley (aka J. Peterman) is the gray-haired gentleman who dances with Charlotta Jorgensen (who, in my opinion, is a hoity toity Danish snot!) And that Louis van Amstel... Ugh!!!!! No ego on <i>that</i> guy! (Thank God he's been elminated!)

I know one guy who started with my dance club at the same time I did, and now he dances at the amateur gold/silver level. Mind you, dance is all he does when not involved with his graduate research in genetics! He's even been to dance camps at Bringham Young...

Surgery was unrelated to dancing -- had two spontaneous retinal detachments. Am doing ok now, but doctor's orders at the time were to do <i>nothing</i> strenuous. No gardening, no bending, no vacuuming, not even picking up my 16-pound cat!! Recovery is about 3 months.

I like rumba too. My favorite slow dance. Favorite fast dances are cha cha and hustle. I'd like to learn quickstep -- it looks so cool.
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