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Wa - I'm not paying any attention to the pro's. Since I'm taking my vote seriously, I'm strictly watching the competitors.

I'm glad your surgery was unrelated to dance. I, too, have an injury (no surgery). Although it's unrelated to my dancing, my dancing has been affected.

My ultimate favorite dance is hustle. It's the time period (80's) where I was at my social height, so to speak. There's only one dance I don't know - pasodoble (sp?). See that - can't even spell it! lol

MintyFemme2, I like your "attitude," (if you will). As long as what you're doing makes you feel good. I can imagine that Peggy was proud of you. I've read a couple of your posts - I can read the love.
"Great dancers are not great because of their technique...they are great because of their passion." --Martha Graham
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