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Yes, a <i>corrida de toros</i> is a bullfight. I saw it in Mexico City.

The <i>picadores</i> actually do all the difficult work. They come in on horseback and spear the bull with long lances adorned with fringe and ribbon. After that, during what's called the <i>suerte de banderillas</i> (<i>suerte</i> means 'luck'), three <i>banderillos</i> have to spear a pair of <i>banderillas</i> into the bull's back.

What most people think of when they think of a bullfight is actually the third <i>tercio</i> -- the final part of the spectacle, the <i>suerte suprema</i> -- in which the <i>matador</i> (from the verb <i>matar</i>, to kill) uses his <i>muleta</i>, a small red rag in a demonstration of his <i>faena</i>, or mastery in dominating the bull.

The paso doble is a dance that tries to mimick the <i>faena</i> and the artistic symbiosis between man and beast. The woman dances the part of the <i>muleta</i> while the man dances the part of the <i>matador</i>.
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