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Talking Happy 4th of July!!!

((((((JoJo)))))))) Just wanted you to know that its not getting me down on you telling us about the passing of your Mother. It only tells us how much you loved her and that she was a great lady! Apparently since she raised you to be who you are today!

The only thing I want everyone to do today is have a safe and fun day. Be careful with the fireworks. Enjoy your loved ones time with yourself.

Today other than nursing a swollen ankle (not sure what I did to it) I cooked a meal for the family and spent time with my hubby....only in ten days we have been married for 120 months aka 10 years! Other than getting things back to rights after being at the Mehoopany Pow Wow in Pa and preparing to go to another one on Friday not much else going on!

Also had another incident with AOL allowing another company have access to my bank account! Which resulted in terminating my account with AOL as well as the other company! Plus putting in an affidavit at my bank establishment...which resulted in nice returns later....Plus I sent a three page letter to AOL regarding the two other companies withdrawals of my funds from my bank account, the effect it had on my household as well as the rude young representative who I was talking too about the termination of my AOL account that hung up on me...How they can make their company better by not sharing AOL members bank account info.

So now I hope to get things back to rights.
Have a great day! See you in chat!
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