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I sit here rembembring so many times I looked over at Peggy's face wondering what she was thinking. We would lay together in bed or be cuddling on the couch. I would reach up and touch her face she would smile at me and say I was so beautiful. Hearing her soft voice reminds me how I fell in love with her and I fall in love again. Sometimes she would be sitting in her recliner and I on the couch watching a program out of the blue Peggy would laugh whole heartedly . I gave up asking her what she was laughing at cause I know she was laughing at something I did or said from days before. Peggy had a laugh that was contagious you couldn't help but laugh with her.
I walk over to Peggy and look at her face see her so absorbed in thought . I didn't want to bother her . I'd just stand looking at Peggy watching her face change expersions as she was reliving what ever thought she had going on. Before long I'd climb in the recliner with her and we would just hold each other. Sometimes we didn't need words to connect with each other.
Standing behind Peggy in her chat chair I would braid her hair in little braids, she would tell me she looked silly but I knew she loved me playing with her hair. We planned our cermeony while I was standing behind her playing with her hair. I teased Peggy about wearing a dress She laughed and said "I love you Shawn but I am going to be in jeans. How do you like me now?" That laugh of hers when she said that spoke more then anything.Then she told me she would be in a nice suit . We then talked of going to "our" hotel and soaking in the hot tub. After we had relaxed for a while we would go to the store and buy one of those pressed logs that was supossed to light easy but never did.
We laughed about the first time we went to the cottages in Guerniville and we bought that log. I wanted a fire so much .Peggy tried and gave up. I unwrapped the log a little and dug a little into the wood . Got her lighter and lit it in several places. The log stayed lit and I proclaimed " I am a stubborn femme I get what I want".
I guess sometimes I don't always get what I want. I miss you Peggy and know someday we will be reunited and have our commitment ceremony we dreamt of .
" Life is what you make of it"
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