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Talking Beaded Headband and home made loom for beading

Ok ya'll this was last week's crafts:
Beaded HeadBand
Materials you will need:
Headband like a bandana
Thread to match bandana
Beads either matching or a variety (your choice)
Ribbon either matching or a variety (your choice)
Sewing needle

First fold the bandana so its a triangle. Slipping your ribbon up to the folded part is.
Then using needle and thread stitch that in place.
Next sew up the sides that are open.
Once you have that done you are ready to put on your beads.
Take your thread thru the material like you were going to add another stitch, add on five beads...Skip the bead closest to the needle and go back thru the four remaining beads. Sew back thru your bandana and add a stitch to start again. Continue this til you get to the other side then tie it off.
The Ribbon is so you can tie the beaded headband onto your head without messing up the beadwork.

Home made Loom for Beading
*Read all instructions first to get a good understanding!!!

Materials you will need:
1 piece of wood 1 x1 works 20 inches long
2 screws 1/4 inch long
Four thumbtacks
Beads (seed beads)
Tape measure

Measure from each end three inches, mark it and saw these off but dont discard them.

Taking those three inch boards, using a pencil draw a line down the center of them. [-------] not on the longest part!!!!

Then using your saw make a groove in it. This is where your beaded thread is going to go so you can separate your threads when doing beading.

Take the other end of the three inch boards and nail it to the 14 inch board so it looks like this...
l______________l<~ the "l" is the three inch boards!!!

Once secure you will add your screws to the outer sides of your three inch boards like this...+l___________l+
the "+" is your screws one per side.

Then thread up your needle making sure there is a knot at the end...string on some beads around thirty or so, put in another knot.

Take this beaded thread put it in your groove and using thumbtacks on either side to secure the thread...[XXXXXX]
the "X" is your beaded thread.

Now all you have to remember is that if you are doing a beaded project you will have an off count of threads for any project i.e. if the project has six beads you will have seven strands.
Using the screws on the end to hold your strands and the beaded thread to separate your strands.

Take your time and before you start lay it out to help you if need be.

If you have any questions join me in Craft chat!

Have a great day!
May your path follow the Medicine Wheel
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