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drunk driving father getting custody

hope that someone, anywhere, reading this will help me because you may be my last hope.
I am living a nightmare with the court system in Oconto County Wisconsin and I am not alone. What would you think about a man who was arrested for drunk driving with his 7 yr old daughter and is now seeking sole custody and is close to getting it?

I do want to apologize for the length of the letter but it is necessary to fully explain the nightmare that is my life.

My horror started in 1997 with the corruption of the Oconto County judicial system. My husband, at the time, filed for divorce in June of 1997. My husband and his family lied to the court in order to obtain custody of our three daughters. We resided in Marinette County Wisconsin. He had heard that if he filed for divorce in Oconto County Wisconsin he would get custody of them because they are more sympathetic towards fathers. Through much pain and more lies he did in fact obtain custody. The guardian ad litem assigned was Frank Calvert and the court commissioner was Richard Delforge. I later found out they shared office space during my case. Towards the end of my divorce it was announced that Mr. Delforge was moving to circuit court and Mr. Calvert would now be the court commissioner. At the time it really didn?t faze me the ramifications of this action but it soon would.

In 1998 I gave birth to my fourth daughter, Michaela, with the next nightmare of my life, Craig Hensberger. This relationship was abusive physically and emotionally. He had been arrested twice for domestic violence. Through several attempts to break away from the vicious circle of abuse with an alcoholic, I have finally broken free.
Even with the past haunting me from losing my other 3 daughters I still had faith that Oconto County would do the right and fair thing.

In March 2003 I was living away from Michaelas? father on my own. I had told him he could have his daughter every other weekend. During this time he kept on asking me to sign over 50/50 custody to him but I refused. I called the Oconto County clerk of courts to request a copy of the last custody arrangement since Craig was now telling me that we had a 50/50 custody. The clerk informed that the stipulation read the same and it was supposedly signed and notarized by me. I was shocked and asked her to immediately fax a copy to me. When I received the paper I was in for an even bigger shock, this was NOT my handwriting NOR my signature. In fact the person that notarized my supposed signature was James Rupiper, Craigs? insurance agent and realtor. As soon as I could think again I contacted Oconto County District Attorney, Jay Conley. When I presented this evidence to him he said an ?accusation? was not enough. I hired my own handwriting analyst that proved I was not the author of that stipulation nor was it my signature. I received copy of my time cards that proved I was at work an hour a way from the supposed notary and filing date of the stipulation. I also petitioned a complaint to the Secretary of State, Doug La Follette, who commissions the notaries and they revoked Mr. Rupipers? commission based on my evidence. When this evidence was brought forth to the DA he told me that ?even though we know who the likely person/s is there is still not enough proof?. When I pressed Mr. Conley by saying that Mr. Hensberger was the only one who would benefit from this he still refused to pursue this.
This is important because since then this ?forged? stipulation has been the cornerstone of this custody issue.

Since Mr. Calvert was now the court commissioner of this custody case there has been no fairness or justice. He used the forgery as a legal document. At this time there was no child support order made. I then requested one be made. He stated since Mr. Hensberger had half of the custody, he was to pay $25.00 per week. This order has been in place since, even with efforts on my part to get it changed.

Mr. Hensberger was caught driving drunk with our daughter in June of 2005. They ordered him to alcohol assessment and stipulated that his mother do the transporting Michaela and to supervise visitation. They gave him the minimum of 20days in jail for driving with a minor. This was also his second offense in less than a year. As well as a disorderly conduct against my 14 yr old daughter, this is still pending.

Now Mr. Calvert is allowing Michaela visitation with her father every weekend. I have been berated by being a single mother. I have been ordered to pay the whole Guardian Ad Litem fee of $1500.00. You cannot file indigenously in Oconto County if you?re poor, too bad. Especially if you are a single mother with a single income getting $25.00 a week child support, remember Oconto County is sympathetic towards fathers. Especially, abusive, drunk driving ones.

The scariest part of this horror is that I am not the only one this has happened to. There are many other women that had their children taken away from them completely for less things than driving drunk with them.

I am trying to fight a good fight and keep my faith but I am fearful that they may actually give this man custody. I do not know who or where to turn to for help, justice is not being served. The DA has failed to provide justice by prosecuting a blatant forgery. Mr. Calvert, upheld a false document and used it in his court as the truth.

The corruption and discrimination against women in this county runs rampant. It is the ?Good ol? boys club? and girls are NOT allowed. If you can help me directly or indirectly I would forever grateful. Until Oconto County is fully investigated there will be no justice for anyone.
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