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DeadBeat Dads and Corrupt Justice

I wish I knew how to help, unforntnatley, I dont.
All I can say is to look up all the info you can about ANYTHING that even REMOTLY pertains to your case. Look up supreme court opinions in your state as well as other states. Try to get the DEPARTMENT FOR FAMILIES AND CHILDREN involved. I know you probably think that these people are really not worth the effort, BUT, if you play your cards right you maybe able to be portrayed as yes a single mother but a law abiding GOOD PARENT.
Try to find a pro bono lawyer. Usually you can find a good lawyer, usually young who needs the work, and more often than not a case like this is just what he or she needs to boos the career. Now I know that seems cruel to say, but you must look at every aspect of it including the lawyer side and the fact that you are a single mother with limited funds to hire a BRAND NAME lawyer.
Try to locate a WOmens Shelter whereyou live, get the Women involved, the women who this has happend to as well.
MAKE A STAND if you dont no one is is even gonna want to.
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