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Colored Chalk

As she sat on the sidewalk, she dreamed of having a new box of colored chalk. Oh the magic she could make with the many colors. She could transport herself to new places, dream places, places where she would be free. Free to be herself, and not the one expected of her.

Blue would take her to Antarctica where she would play with the polar bears, and throw snow at Santa?s elves.

Green would take her to the coolest of rain forests where she could become a tiny little leaf growing on a tree. Helping to keep the forest cool, living to help.

Red would take her to Spain where she would dress up as a matador and confront the bull. The bull that could no longer hurt her, no matter what form she took.

The colors of the rainbow allow her to release. Release the frustrations of the day, the hopes of the future, and the needs of now. The colors give her freedom.
"Life is a flower of which love is the honey." Victor Hugo
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