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Craft with a game

Hey Ya'll
Here is the latest craft yet with a twist.....Its a game of finding the Wee Leprechaun...Mind you he will move once he is discovered to a new place. In each craft this month of St.Patrick's Day is a craft with a game...Each craft's directions aka instructions is a clue to the Leprechaun...So if you figure out your answer...Don't Post! Bring the answer to the next Craft Chat! Hope to see ya'll there.

Have a great day!

We are making shamrocks each craft is a
clue to finding the Leprechaun
I will post the craft on the boards so if you
missed anything you can check it over to help find the
Based on the craft of the night it would give
you clues to finding the leprechaun

Now tonight's craft we will be making a shamrock
Now this one is unique for it will be more 3-D
You will need scissors, glue, eight sheets
of green construction paper same amount in green crepe
paper (cut into small squares) and a pencil
First you will need to fold the green sheets
of construction paper in half
Taking your pencil draw a letter B with a tail
Do this with all eight sheets of green
construction paper (use the first one as a guide to keep
them all the same size)
Once done you will take one of these and
glue to another making sure it matches the other dont
glue the centers
Dont forget gluing the tails
Now you should have a four sided

*Note** you can do this step prior to gluing them together

Taking the small green pieces of crepe
paper and using your pencil cover your shamrock like you
would for a pinata
Oh please dont forget to put a hole in the
top for some string so you can hang it .....I am sorry forgot
that step
Once you have glued all of the crepe
pieces of paper let it dry, once dried hang it up
Sure np I will post these crafts on the
boards......the answer to where the Leprechaun is in the
craft...Next week bring your answer ok?
May your path follow the Medicine Wheel
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