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Talking Second Craft looking for the Leprechaun

Hey Ya'll here is the second craft looking for the wee Leprechaun.

Last week's answer is: Mexico

He was off having a Siesta in Mexico! LOL

Pony Bead Irish Flag Pin

6 Safety Pins, Size 4

1 Safety Pin, Coiless 2-1/4"

Green, White and Orange Pony Beads

I, R, S and H Letter Beads


Each column is a size 4 pin with six pony beads

strung on it. Open pins and string two pins each

with green, white and orange pony beads. You will

have 6 beaded pins. Close the pins.

Begin with the green beaded pin on the far right.

Thread base loop of the beaded pin onto the coiless

pin, push around loop to the other side of the pin.

Sting on a "H" letter bead. String the 2nd green

beaded pin followed by a "S" letter bead. Continue

beaded pin followed by a "S" letter bead. Continue.

Close coiless pin.

Remember that the Leprechaun is hiding but the clue is in the directions of the above craft!

Good Luck!

Have a great day!
May your path follow the Medicine Wheel
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