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A Reunion in progrress.

They will come to reunite with old friends, and perhaps make new ones.
The emails have gone out, phone calls were made. Hopefully all were contracted, if not please help spread the word.

Do you reminder someone you chatted with? Someone you haven't seen in eons?
Wonder how they are doing? What is new with them?

Come find out many will be there. The response is very positive.

Check out the boards for the "Runion Chat". The ones that have posted are sure to make you grin, smile from within.

What better day to start it with St Patrick's Day!!! Great time to party, and say, "Slainte"! Here's to you, you and of course you.

So mark your calendar. Bring your smile. If you feel a tear it's ok, tissues, good wishes, always good food. Will be in abundance there.

Would love to see you so please be there. WomensSpace is the place.

Come one come all it's sure to be a ball.

Your invite is on the boards check it out. If you didn't recieve an email perhaps it bounced back, or was changed over time.

Don't feel slighted,
You're invited.

Smiles are contagious. It's ok to pass them on. *
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