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Wink #3 Craft Looking for the Leprechaun

Ok ya'll The wee little Leprechaun was in Massachussetts.

Now the third craft is:

Shamrock Pin

The materials you'll be needing:

Four chenille green sticks

a small piece of green foam

hot glue gun

a safety pin

Now take each of your chenille sticks (green) and
shape them into hearts leaving a small piece as a tail so You
can connect them together

You connect them by intertwining the stems
together at the center

Once you have this done, have your hot glue gun
heat up .....

Next you will hot glue your little green foam piece to
the back of your Shamrock

*** Be careful doing the gluing and dont burn yourself

Once that is dried and not falling off.....

You will want to glue the back side of your safety pin to the foam piece

Here is where you might want to hold it in place til the glue dries

Once its dried and not falling off you have made a Lucky Shamrock Pin for yourself!

Where is the Leprechaun?

Next week we'll be looking for his wee Pot of Gold!

Have a great day!
May your path follow the Medicine Wheel
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