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Dog died...

I've officially had a week from hell. Started with a major computer problem (couldn't use it for over 2 weeks, including over a week in the shop), no AC during 90+ degree weather. (This, Sunday of a 3-day Memorial Day weekend.) The day topped off with an ambulance ride to the hospital for my SO when he broke his shoulder. (He fell, after trying to get the computer working, then stepping around a large fan we'd put in the living room to at least move some air.) More shit during the week, followed by having to bring SO back to the ER Saturday (yes, less than a week after the first trip) for cellulitis.

Then, Sunday afternoon/evening, our 16 year old cocker spaniel rapidly went down hill. She'd been winding down for a couple of days, but suddenly, things took a turn for the worse. Around 1:30 Monday morning, she started wimpering and seemed to have trouble getting comfortable. The nearest all-night pet ER felt she was slipping away (after talking to them by phone). They said that, because of her age, etc., the only thing that they'd be able to do would be to make her comfortable, and that it'd be best to care for her at home through the night and take her to her own vet's if she was still around when the vet's office opend. SO and I loved her up through the night. Finally, around 4 a.m., she really seemed to be really restless, so I carried her outside and loved her up while sitting on the front porch. (She loved going out on the porch with SO and me.) After about half-an-hour, I brought her back inside and put her back in her "nest" of towels and sheets. She seemed to be breathing easier then. When SO woke at 6:30, Osha was gone.

She was my comfort through a divorce from an abusive husband, here when SO and I got together, always happy to see "her people". I miss her so much...

RIP, Osha.
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