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Talking Well here is my two cents

((Butterfly_1974 and family))))

You aren't to be blamed for another's actions nor to think you 'allowed' it to happen. We are each responsible for our words and actions.

What your boyfriend did was not accept the blame for his own actions and thinks to ignore it and everything is ok again. Which it isnt.....Let him know you arent taking that nonsense again in any shape way or form. We all have the right to happiness including being safe. It doesnt mean he has the right to do that to you. If a person loves you then your happiness health and well being is the upmost for that person. I know how it feels to lose a beloved parent. Yet that doesnt give me the right be abusive to anyone else.

Tell him to get some counselling and get real. Come anytime and keep us posted with yourself. Please know that I have been there done that in the situation you are in.

Keep yourself and family safe.
Know that others do care about your family and yourself.

Be well.
May your path follow the Medicine Wheel
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