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It was a gift. But I like it

. I'm a huge music fan and I especially love jazzy, bluesy singers like Brenda Russell, Dianne Reeves and Diana Krall. I actually just got a new CD from a similar artist named Marilyn Scott recently. Has anyone else heard of her? Apparently she has 9 or 10 releases and I've not heard of this artist! The new CD I was given is called, "Innocent of Nothing", and is just fabulous and contains the Bob Dylan song, "It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)." Anyone else pick this up yet? I'm not sure how new or recent it is but I have seen it on a few sites like iTunes and Amazon.

If you don't know Marilyn Scott you should definitely check her out at or She has been around forever and I just love the classic songs she sings and her soulful style. I also heard from a friend she's an actress but can't find any movie credits? Anyone know anything about this singer/actress?
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