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Wink Married Before...Now I love my girlfriend

Originally posted by QuietWOW
Have you been married or are you still married? When did you discover same gender attractions? Was it hard to make that change?

HI there! I was married for 18 years ...but it really ended for me 10 years into the marriage. Technically I am not divorced....I am in the process though.

I noticed my same sex attraction when I was in about 5th grade. I played boyfriend and girlfriend with the neighbor girl. I thought ..and still think this may be what all little girls do?? I then went to girlscout camp and fell in love with my counselor who was a woman...I thought she looked like a boy though.

I never thought of anyone the same sex again until I couldn't help making a pass at my best friend back in 2001. We had a great time and I did and even still love and care for her. We decided it was just a "thing" that happened and yet we couldn't seem to just be friends after that our friendship ended.

I went back to trying to make my marraige work.

I then fell in love with my best girlfriend...December 29, 2006. I told her I had a crush on her...she apparently didn't know how I felt ...yet she felt some huge attraction. "not sexual" she said. Well, we are a commited, sexual, loving , very intimate, relationship now ans have been for 8 months. I never really thought to much about being in same sex relationships, but I was always very open to the idea as far as others were concerned, I also used to say "I am going gay..if I ever get divorced" Hmmmmmm, I wonder if those were hints in my soul/heart...or if it is just how things ended up. I would like to say that I can't believe the intimacy I have in this relationship...I have never, ever had this with a man or woman or anyone. It blows my mind.

Thanks For listening,
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