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Some Fall Crafts

Hey ((((((Roomies))))))))

Here are the Fall Crafts from last night's chat, if you missed it here they are!

Fall Wreath
What You Need

Fall leaves, pinecones, etc.
Hay wreath
Hot glue gun
Large bow in fall colored ribbon
Fall colored ribbons to hang pinecones with
Parental supervision is recommended.

How To Make It

Bake all pieces for 45 minutes at 200 degrees to kill any insects and eggs.
Use the hot glue gun to attach the leaves, seeds, etc, to the wreath, and the large bow.
Attach the pinecones to ribbons and hang them in the center.
As a simpler project for classrooms, paper plates with the centers cut out and craft glue can be used to make small wreaths. Punch a hole in the top of the plate and put a ribbon or yarn through to hang it.

Scarecrow Wall Decoration

What You Need

2 Straw hats - 16 inch and 12 inch
Pipe cleaner
Tacky craft glue or hot glue gun

How To Make It

Cut the 12" hat in half.
You will need a small package of colored raffia (if available). Spread out and place on the crown of the 16" hat. This is representing the hair on his/her head.
Glue raffia in place with thick designer tacky or hot glue whichever is available to you.
Now place glue on the cut edge of the 12" hat and place atop hair and against brim of 16" hat.
Cut triangles out of felt for eyes and nose. Place on crown forming face.
Use a black pipe cleaner for his mouth. Bend pipe cleaner /\/\/\/\/\ so it looks like that. Glue to crown.
Make a bow for neck area (under crown) and glue in place.
put fall leaves on top of his hat to also give some color.
Note: It can be done actually with any size hat. Just adjust accordingly

Stained Glass Window

What You Need is:

Black construction paper
Wax paper
Crayons or crayon pieces in fall colors
Iron (requires adult supervision)

How To Make It

Take black construction paper and cut it into 5x5 squares.
With two pieces of paper together, traced a leaf on the top square and then cut out the leaf with the two pieces together. The squares will be solid around the edges with a leaf pattern cut out of the center
Next shaved crayons, using the colors of fall leaves. Using a warm iron, melted the crayon shavings between two pieces of wax paper. then cut down the wax paper to fit between the two squares of construction paper.
To assemble the window, place one square of construction paper on the table and glue your wax paper glass to that square. Then place the second square over the first square making sure your leaf pattern matches up and glue the two squares together.


When tracing the leaf,trace it on the paper on the diagonal so when we hung them they were hung from the corner of the square.
Use those little suction cups with the hook on it to hang it on windows
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