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Wink My two cents

I like the idea of wear red day! Its a conscious choice of letting others know that you are informed and showing your support of it.

Now as to being feminine, long or short hair regardless, its how you feel.

Just like a woman who has had a mascetomy, one less breast doesnt mean she isnt still feminine.

Nor when a woman has had a hysterectomy, she is still a woman.

Yet its the way you think that makes you feminine or not.

Some days I dont feel feminine other days I do.

Yet society thinks a woman is un feminine when she does male stereo typed things i.e. being a mechanic or construction worker.

However thanks to our ancestors this is slowly evolving.

So celebrate being a woman! Regardless if you are feminine or not. Being happy is a choice so is being whatever else you feel.

((((Sisters of Life))))) I hope to celebrate all of us, most especially the ones who had gone thru trials and tribulations like a mascetomy or hysterectomy.

(I hope not to offend anyone with this, just wanted to share my thoughts on this.)

Have a great day!
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