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Wink Thanksgiving Crafts 2006

Acorn Wreath

What You Need

Wicker wreath
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks
Flowers or other decoration

How To Make It

First, spread the newspaper on a flat surface. Lay
your wreath down flat. Heat your glue gun.
Next, starting in the middle of the wreath begin
gluing the bottom of the acorn. Place the glued part
of the acorn in the middle of the wreath and stand
the acorn straight up. Make 1 row in a straight line
going all the way around the wreath. Repeat the
process from top to bottom with the wreath still
laying flat.
Then decorate with flowers, bows, or even holiday
ornaments. Be sure not to leave any open spaces
except in the back. The back of the wreath shouldn't
have any acorns on it so when you lay it down it is

Pine Cone Turkey

Plump pine cones (spherical shaped about 1 1/2"-2" diameter)
1 red bumpy chenille stem
1 orange bumpy chenille stem
5 other colors of bumpy chenille stems
Glue (craft, wood, or all-purpose that dries clear)
Wire Cutter

How To Make It

Make sure each pine cone has dried thoroughly.
Cut the bumps apart in each chenille wire. Using wire
cutters, cut in the center of each place where the
wire narrows down--you want the bumps whole and fluffy.
Take one red bump and shape into an 'S'. Glue this to
the rounded end of the cone with the bump protruding
somewhat above the cone for the head of the turkey.
Take one orange bump and shape into a 'V'. Glue this
under the bottom of the round part of the cone for
the legs and feet. The feet can be shaped later.
Toes can even be added.
Take five to seven other bumps and carefully bend them so the narrow ends can be twisted together leaving the puffy end somewhat rounded. Glue as many of these as nicely fits close to the flatter stemmed end of the pine cone remembering to use glue only on the twisted end of the chenille wire.
Let dry and then adjust shaped of chenille wires to make your turkey look more realistic.
Tip: If you would like to use these as napkin rings, cut the orange chenille wires longer and make them into a circle and glue circle on bottom of turkeys.

Scarecrow Wall Decoration

What You Need

2 Straw hats - 16 inch and 12 inch
Pipe cleaner
Tacky craft glue or hot glue gun

How To Make It

Cut the 12" hat in half.
You will need a small package of colored raffia
(if available). Spread out and place on the crown of
the 16" hat. This is representing the hair on his/her
Glue raffia in place with thick designer tacky or
hot glue whichever is available to you.
Now place glue on the cut edge of the 12" hat and
place atop hair and against brim of 16" hat.
Cut triangles out of felt for eyes and nose. Place
on crown forming face.
Use a black pipe cleaner for his mouth. Bend pipe
cleaner /\/\/\/\/\ so it looks like that. Glue to
Make a bow for neck area (under crown) and glue in
I put fall leaves on top of his hat to also give
some color.
Note: It can be done actually with any size hat.
Just adjust accordingly.

Have fun!

Have a great day!
May your path follow the Medicine Wheel
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